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project management vs operations management

What's the best approach - project management or operations management. Which would you prefer?

Well, there's no such thing as 'better' in your question. PM and OM differ in many ways, so I'm not sure if they are easily comparable, especially having no particular context and background information relevant to your use case. PM deals with temporary endeavors, such as, well, projects, tasks, iterations, which come and go, whereas OM deals with the business operations that are on-going, provided the business, of course, stays solvent. If we look at the responsibilities of a project manager Jon Doe and an operations manager Sarah Doe, they may be similar, yet the ultimate goals are quite different: John Doe deals with managing schedules and budgeting for a specific project, while Sarah oversees daily operations and manages an overall company's or a department's budget. The areas where these two overlap will include such instances where a project leads to a significant change in business operations when both Sarah and Joe need to work together on a set of common tasks, Once the project has altered a part of business operations, everyone returns to their routine job functions and duties that are separate.

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