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Scrum board example

What types of scrum board are usually used in companies? What do you guys use? I think there should be several generic types which are then customized by the management to adjust for internal pecularities of the organization, should not it? Id really appreciate any real scrum board examples. Thanx in advance!

Scrum boards are pretty standard. Speaking of physical boards, they are typically written on a whiteboard with post-it notes, which are turned into a somewhat visual representation of a project's progress. Sticky notes are usually of different colors or shapes to avoid confusion. Some companies and teams use the wheel format where tasks are moved closer to the center as they are completed. Speaking of online boards, then each software has its own templates and boards, which you can easily customize, but they more or less fall into the same pattern of either kanban boards or wheels, the latter being less common.

Below are a few examples of scrum boards used in different software like Trello and Asana

Screenshot of Trello scrum board


Screenshot of Asana scrum board

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