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User story template in agile

What template of the user story in agile boards you'd consider the best one?

It largely depends on what software you use, your company's structure, its size, internal rules, and management style. So there's no such thing as the best user story in an agile board, really. However, we can look at several examples so you have an idea about how it might look like.

This is an example of an epic, user story, and pertaining to the story tasks in YouTrack. This is a pretty nifty little board that breaks down epics into stories and attaches smaller tasks that make up those stories.

Below is an example of user stories in Zoho Sprints:

Zoho Sprints

Here's a user story template [courtesy of milanote] that you can use to develop something of your own:

User Story Template, within the Milanote app

And finally a visual view of backlog from a user's perspective in Jira:

Provide a visual view of product backlog from user's perspective


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