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What's the best "definition of done"

I've read a few definitions of scrum's "definition of done." But I know this is an agile term that can be flexibly adjusted for different purposes. How to adopt the definition of done for a small startup? We develop a lot of product features as MVPS first.

Well, different users and managers interpret the term differently, of course, adjusting it per their particular needs. However, the official scrum website provides the following definition: 'a definition of done (DoD) is a shared understanding of expectations that the current sprint (or increment) must meet in order to be released to users.' What the term basically implies is that your team is supposed to understand what quality level you aim to achieve and how you're going to measure it. In other words, what does 'the sprint is completed' mean to you, your team members, and those above you? Do you share the same definition of completion of the sprint? Do your team's expectations meet those of your manager? Are you on the same page with your subordinates? You get the idea. The definition of done can include the following goals: building an expectations matrix about the quality and completeness of the project, developing and providing your team members with the checklist of criteria to check themselves against, ensuring the end product meets the expected quality level. For example, if we're talking about a particular feature, then it's done when whatever you're developing passes unit tests, code reviews, has met functional and non-functional requirements, and has been accepted by the product owner. In your case, your products being MVP should contain a sufficient number of critical features to be of value to your consumers. After shipping the MVP to early adopters and receiving feedback, you can build upon your existing product, which will be now checked against different criteria than the MVP. So, basically, you'll have two definitions of done -- one for the MVP and the other one for the finished product. It's worth noting, that the MVP is not part of Scrum, there's no definition of the term in the Scrum Guide.


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