Lamanche Open Time Tracker

Build and deploy your own remote staff
management solution!

Why build from Lamanche Sources

  • Role-based Tenant Structure
    Different roles in the company – different levels of access and control over the tenant

  • GDPR Compliant and Safe
    The registration and access is provided with Paragon Registry platform, which is fully GDPR compliant and secure

  • Robust final solution
    The functionality is provided and guaranteed by the Paragon backend server with a set of microservices smoothly working 24/7/365

  • Detailed Technical Documentation
    Find the full information and all the instructions in our documentation and guides available here on the portal

  • Responsive Support
    Get your case solved either by our support staff via the feedback form or by our developers’ community via our community forum

  • Evolve the Product with Us
    Need customization? Just submit your pull-request and we’ll examine it fast.

Want to learn more about the product?

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How Lamanche Works

Lamance application has got a user interface, front end working console. All of the scenarios are managed with Paragon microservices, deployed on a cloud server. The main functionality consists of the following operations:

  1. 1

    User registration

  2. 2

    User authorization

  3. 3

    User profile management

  4. 4

    Member (employees) invitation

  5. 5

    Сompany profile registration

  6. 6

    Сompany profile management

  7. 7

    Planning and scheduling

  8. 8


  9. 9


  10. 10

    Vacation & Sick leave documents management

Get started with our documents and guides

How Lamanche Works

A brief guide into Lamanche’s architecture and main functionality

Development Guide

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right into your inbox!

Lamanche API Reference

A brief description of the main microservices, API methods and
how to work with them

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