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Paragon Open Cloud Backup Platform

Open Paragon Cloud Backup Platform (Open PCB) is a white-label platform for software developers who need to make up their own cloud backup solution, either for further commercial distribution or personal needs. The platform consists of the Cloud Backup SDK, which, in turn, contains all the necessary tools for developing a flexible and robust backup application. The entire process is explained in details, assembled in comprehensive documentation and guides and available for our developer community members.

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Our Paragon Developers Portal is a powerful community of professional developers and a new home for our open platforms and open-source products. Developers will find a large knowledge base and a rich collection of technical documentation, including developer guides and API directories. With that, developers can communicate with each other, and stay in touch with those who are working on the same project and share experience and best practices on the blog or community forum. What's more, the developers can submit their requests to add their own developments and evolve our products with us. We want you to define the right direction for our solutions!


Firewall for Mac

Mac app, built on the newest Apple System Extensions technology. It is a great case for the framework implementation.

Cloud Backup

Open platform for MSPs to create, manage and maintain a backup solution for their clients.

Lamanche Open
Time Tracker

Develop your own employees' tracking solution. Implement it in both remote and office staff management.

Hard Disk Manager SDK

A streamlined set of tools to develop your own hard disk management software solution. SDK is represented in C++ and C# languages.

Community Edition

Sources and basic documentation for APFS driver by Paragon Software. Use as-is or customize you need. Submit your commits to our GitHub.

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