Paragon Open Warehouse Management System (WMS) is a comprehensive software solution that’s designed to optimize and automate the warehouse, distribution, supply chain and fulfillment workflows. WMS enables to track the movement of a product, regardless of its size, from the time that this item is ordered to the final delivery to a consumer.

Warehouse Management System is a part of the Paragon E-commerce Platform that is designed for e-commerce business automation. Aside from WMS, the Paragon Ecommerce Platform provides Product Information, ERP System and Customer Portal. These open-platform products can work together with PIM or used as standalone software. Paragon E-commerce Platform or each of its products can be integrated with Amazon Marketplace, SAP ERP and QuickBooks Accountant.

To understand WMS better, the following article discloses its main advantages, features, and how WMS works


There are many advantages to implementing our solution. Here are some key benefits your organization can experience with Warehouse Management System.

Better Inventory Tracking

WMS brings advanced technology to track movements and activities inside or outside of your warehouse. Your staff can simply scan product barcodes when picking, packing and shipping orders, as well as when goods are incoming. WMS will also alert them if the wrong product has been scanned and an error has occurred. Thus, by deploying WMS, you can prevent any issues with the item delivery (like shipping the wrong item) and you’ll drastically improve inventory tracking within your warehouse.

Refined Security & Safety

Along streamlining your inventory tracking, WMS gives the ability to improve security and safety within the warehouse. WMS requires a worker to enter transactions using their own unique user account. This enables to audit trails that tie transactions to that individual. Therefore, you can easily prevent pilferage or any forms of warehouse accidents and view opportunities for personnel training.

Improved Customer-Supplier Relationships

Working alongside Warehouse Management System, your team will be much faster at picking, packing and delivering goods, and therefore, you will reduce any fulfillment latencies. With drastically decreased error-rate and order processing time, more of your customers will be satisfied with their orders, which in turn defines bigger sales and brighter customer and supplier relationships.


The Warehouse Management system includes a robust set of features that cover your entire warehouse workflow. Some of the WMS key features include:

  • Automated warehouse management operations, such as picking, packing, delivery, shipment, etc.
  • Barcode scanning and error alerting
  • Managing stored inventory and warehouse topologies
  • Event logging for tracking all changes implemented to the system 
  • Generating and printing warehouse documentation
  • Warehouse user registration for increased security

Warehouse Management System can also be integrated with Amazon Workspace and Quickbooks Accountant.

WMS is designed as an open platform, meaning users can study or customize this software solution. Join Paragon Developer Portal to access this open platform. This developer portal also includes insightful technical documentation and guidelines of the Warehouse Management System and other products of the Paragon E-commerce Platform.  

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