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Launching new Paragon Cloud Backup Open platform [Preview]

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We're delighted to announce, that we're launching a new Open Paragon Cloud Backup Platform. This is an open platform for developers and service providers to help them create a backup application from scratch

Open Paragon Cloud backup forum announce

Currently, we are on the Cloud Backup SDK (PCB SDK) development stage. This PCB SDK will contain all the necessary local agents to deploy on your end-point and start fulfilling the backup tasks. The system will function with the help of our Paragon Back-end which aim is to launch and conduct the backup operations on your end-point sending the tasks to the local agents, deployed with our PCB SDK.

To learn more about the general algorithm of work, read our How PCB Works article. Also, subscribe to the topic and stay tuned to all the current updates Whats; more, we are going to post the link for SDK downloading here, in this thread!


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