This is a code sample to get an idea how to add a helper function to log output messages to your solution. This is useful if you are going to use one of the C++ Code Samples

static void LogPrint(Hdmclient_ILog * /* pLog */, bool /* rewrite */, const char * /* format */, IN ...)
    va_list argList;
    va_start(argList, format);
        pLog->LogPrintV(format, argList);
        char str[4096] = {};
    #if defined(HDMCLIENT_LINUX) | defined(HDMCLIENT_MACOS)
        vsnprintf(str, sizeof(str), format, argList);
        _vsnprintf(str, sizeof(str), format, argList);
        OutputStr(rewrite, false, "%s", str);

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